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Myofascial Release Techniques DVD – Therapeutic Medical Massage

Myofascial Release Techniques DVD

Myofascial Release Techniques DVD – Therapeutic Medical Massage

Certified massage therapist, John Hoffmann, demonstrates the strokes and massage techniques for a detailed myofascial release session. In this comprehensive DVD, he also addresses benefits and contraindications, warm-up techniques, landmark muscles along their anatomical path, and how to address specific complaints. You will get to learn from an incredible teacher and professional therapist.


Therapeutic Massage Techniques for Myofascial Release
Get 3 Hrs. and 22 Mins. Of Professional Massage Therapist Training


To know more, visit: Myofascial Release Techniques DVD – Therapeutic Medical Massage

Learn how to do massage therapy techniques to provide myofascial release for the entire body. It is going to change the way you do bodywork. This three hour DVD is the most detailed Myofascial Release DVD ever produced. Myofascial release is a type of bodywork which employs a steady, constant physical pressure, working through restricted areas in the soft tissues of the body. Known for its effectiveness in alleviating pain and creating healthy changes in the muscular and connective tissues of the body, this massage has become the foundation for many therapists work.


With these step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn:

  • Benefits and contraindications for professional therapeutic massage
  • Circulatory strokes to warm up the muscles
  • How to provide a detailed myofascial release session
  • Anatomy of muscles
  • How to address specific complaints
  • Detailed strokes using your hands, forearms, and elbows as tools
  • How to position your client to increase the effectiveness of your massage



To know more, visit: Myofascial Release Techniques DVD – Therapeutic Medical Massage


This professional massage therapy DVD should be part of any massage school or clinic library. A superb teaching tool for the classroom or home study.
We highly recommend this massage therapy video for massage students and health professionals, alike.  This DVD is extremely useful to individual massage therapists wishing to expand their therapeutic skills and the way they work with tissue.  Easy to follow and understand.  Learn how to properly use your fingers, knuckles, fist, forearm, and elbows.

What you will get:

  • An excellent introduction to fascia and myofascial release training
  • A good resource DVD to have in the office or for home study
  • Step-by-step practical video examples
  • Various myofascial release techniques explained
  • Significant contribution to your massage therapist skill set
  • Great learning tool for any professional massage training program or someone interested in massage therapy

Your clients will love the techniques that you will be able to incorporate and will experience major improvement.

This massage DVD is recommended to anyone who is interested in learning about myofascial release. It’s like having a personal tutor.

Individuals, students, massage therapists and massage therapy instructors will learn. This massage therapy video is very detail oriented.

This massage DVD covers all the basics all the way up to treating injuries.

John Hoffman is a personable and informative teacher and shares an enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom. Learn his secrets for countless strokes and strategies.

Absolutely worth watching more than once to perfect various techniques. Even massage therapists with years of experience will find things here that make the purchase worthwhile.

This DVD is an indispensable toolbox for therapeutic massage.

Step-by-step demonstrations are detailed and easy to follow.

This is a must have video for anyone interested in myofascial release.


To know more, visit: Myofascial Release Techniques DVD – Therapeutic Medical Massage

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