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Introduction to Diabetes

Diabetes 01

Diabetes touches almost every part of your life. It’s a serious, lifelong condition, but there’s a lot you can do to protect your health. You can take charge of your health—not only for today, but for the coming years.

Diabetes can cause health problems over time. It can hurt your eyes, your kidneys, and your nerves. It can lead to problems with the blood flow in your body. Even your teeth and gums can be harmed. Diabetes in pregnancy can cause special problems. Many of these problems don’t have to happen. You can do a lot to prevent them, and there are people in your community who can help. This book can help you find how to get the help you need to prevent problems.

Today and every day, strive to balance your food, physical activity, and medicine. Test your own blood glucose (also called blood sugar) to see how this balance is working out. Then make choices that help you feel well every day to protect your health.

Feeling healthy can allow you to play a big part in the life of your family and community. You may even want to join a community group in which people share their stories and help others deal with their diabetes.

You take important steps to prevent problems caused by diabetes. You’ll learn many useful things:

  • What problems diabetes can cause.
  • How to work with a health care team to prevent problems.
  • Why it is important to get your blood glucose and blood pressure closer to normal.
  • How to find out about resources in your community to help you prevent problems.

(Source: Take care of your diabetes)


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