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Estrinol – Natural Menopause Relief – Relieve Hot Flashes

Estrinol - Natural Menopause Relief

Estrinol – Natural Menopause Relief  | Estrinol Contains an Exclusive Ingredient Clinically Shown to Help Relieve Hot Flashes and 7 other Menopausal Symptoms

Are you entering menopause? Just listen to your body.

Do you often experience sudden sensations of heat that you cannot control? Are you losing sleep because of nervousness or night sweats? Do you find yourself easily exhausted, both mentally and physically? Does your mood changing rapidly and often? These may be the tell-tale signs that you’re about to reach a new life stage called menopause – and you may want to schedule a visit to your doctor to determine if this is the case.

Women typically start experiencing menopausal symptoms around ages 42-58. This stage of experiencing symptoms prior to hitting menopause is known as perimenopause. For some women, this may begin as early as their 20s (although this is not common). These new feelings and changes can be uncomfortable and disruptive to your life.

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Estrinol Can Help

Clinical research suggests that the active ingredient in Estrinol may be even more effective at relieving some menopause related symptoms than many of the leading menopause products. Estrinol contains a unique, herbal formula clinically shown to relieve 8 common menopausal symptoms. Over time, your body will function more like it did before menopause, with a reduction in common symptoms. The active ingredient in Estrinol is shown in clinical research to be safe and well-tolerated, with no adverse reactions.*

Estrinol™ Benefits

  • Relieves Hot Flashes*
  • Relieves Weakness*
  • Relieves Nervousness*
  • Reduces Irritability*
  • Promotes Healthy Mood*
  • Promotes Healthy Sleep Patterns*
  • Supports Cholesterol & Triglyceride Levels*
  • Manages Joint & Muscle Discomfort*

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Q. What is the active ingredient in Estrinol?

A. The active ingredient in Estrinol is called Genopause® – a blend of four Ayurvedic herbal extracts clinically tested to relieve menopausal symptoms.*

Q. Does Estrinol contain hormones?

A. No. Estrinol contains no synthetic hormones. The active ingredient in Estrinol helps relieve symptoms without artificially stimulating estrogen hormone production.*

Q. Does Estrinol contain any potential allergens?

A. Estrinol does not contain gluten, yeast, wheat, lactose, soy, preservatives, starch, animal products or artificial dyes or colors.

Q. How does Estrinol work in the body?

A. Estrinol works naturally within your body to relieve your symptoms of perimenopause including hot flashes, mood changes and more. Estrinol is both non-prescription and non-hormonal.*

Q. Will Estrinol help me sleep better?

A. If menopause symptoms like nervousness or hot flashes are affecting your quality of sleep, Estrinol may help by decreasing these symptoms and promoting healthy sleep patterns.*

Q. Should I take Estrinol every day?

A. Yes. Take one tablet twice daily with or without food.

Q. Can I take Estrinol along with other supplements?

A. Estrinol can be safely taken with other natural health supplements. However, we suggest talking with your health care provider before beginning any new supplementation.

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Q. Will Estrinol work for perimenopausal and menopausal women?

A. Estrinol is a healthy way to manage all phases of menopause. Not only will it help relieve your symptoms all the way through perimenopause, but also postmenopause as well.*

Q. Will Estrinol work for premature menopause?

A. No matter what age you begin experiencing menopausal symptoms, Estrinol can help. Estrinol is formulated to relieve the symptoms of menopause for every woman.*

Q. I’m on Hormone Replacement Therapy. Can I take Estrinol?

A. There is no known reason why you shouldn’t take Estrinol along with Hormone Replacement Therapy, but we always recommend consulting your health care provider first.*

Q. How long should I take Estrinol?

A. Estrinol is safe to take throughout all stages of menopause.*

Q. Will Estrinol have any adverse effects?

A. Estrinol has no known adverse effects.

Q. Will Estrinol interact negatively with any medications?

A. Estrinol has no known negative drug interactions.

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