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ezManager Max Diabetes Management Software

Get the most out of your insulin pump ezManager Max Diabetes Management Software The way you live your life with diabetes isn’t the same as anyone else’s. That’s what’s so great about ezManagerMax. It lets you analyze your blood glucose data against your very own treatment goals, see trends in glucose data with insulin use and carb intake and compare how changes in insulin pump settings affect things over time. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Your partner in diabetes management ezManager Max helps manage and analyze diabetes information from select Animas...

CareLink® Personal Therapy Management Software

CareLink® Personal Software – Protecting patient privacy with the highest security measures CareLink Personal Software is a secure, web-based therapy management software that allows your patients to: Upload data from their insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device, and blood glucose meter into a free, web-based program See detailed reports that help them better understand their glucose control and uncover patterns missed by meters and logbooks alone Easily store their information and allow a healthcare professional access to it via CareLink Pro® Software At Medtronic,...
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